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Expanding your franchise in Italy, why not?

Italy with its 1.5 trillion euro GDP is 10th ranked among OECD countries and 4th among European countries. Exporting your brand to Italy or creating a new franchise in our Country means having access to a large internal market, with 60 million residents.

Despite the existence of the European Union common market, the Italian market remains very individual.

Foreign investors looking for franchise in the Italian territory will likely find that the market is quite robust and friendly to franchise systems in general. There are a number of laws that govern the operation of franchises within the EU. Anyway, the potential franchisor shall consider not only EU regulations, but also  the Italian Franchising Law (L. 129/04). The main clauses of the Italian Franchising Law are summed up as follows:


  • Disclosure required 30 days prior to the contract.


  • The franchisor shall have “tested its business concept in the market.”
  • Contract shall last at least 3 years.
  • May only terminate for “substantial” breach.
  • Franchise may not be re-located without franchiser’s consent.


  • None.


If an investor decides to create or expand a franchise business in a new Country, the investor shall acquire new skills: first of all, a franchising agreement shall be settled and it shall reflect the law and that is customized on the sector where it has to operate.

Secondly, it shall ensure the success of the chain and prevent litigations. The franchisor shall develop an operational manual that explains its know-how, the technical and commercial assistance services, the trademark registration number and in general all the procedures and information required by the law.

Finally, the franchisor has to test its franchising formula on the market before suggesting the franchise to potential franchisee.

We always help our clients to successfully expand their brand in Italy. If you are interested in approaching the Italian franchise market we can assist you as follows:

  • offering guidance on entry strategies for franchise markets in Italy
  • looking for business partnerships and real estate opportunities.
  • providing in-depth expansion advices and strategies.
  • writing, focusing and revising business plans.
  • applying for grants, soft-loans and incentives.
  • providing tax, accounting, administration and payroll services.
  • writing and auditing all the documentation required by the franchising law.
  • offering assistance on negotiation, discussion and stipulation of franchising agreement
  • providing consultancy and legal assistance both in Court trials and in extrajudicial settlements.


Start-ups and innovative businesses: the right time to invest in Italy.

In the last two years, high-tech businesses and innovative start-ups have been at the top of the agenda of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. This makes it the right time to invest in Italy.

The best sectors to create an innovative start-up in our country are:

  • art, culture and tourism: Italy is ranked 1st worldwide in the number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. This huge wealth is still largely underexploited and represents a sector with a superb business potential. If your startup operates in these fields, being based in Italy will provide inside-access to unique opportunities   
  • manufacturing: Italy ranks 2nd in the European Union and the 5th in the world in terms of percentage of GDP attributable to manufacturing The backbone of Italian manufacturing is made up of clusters of SME’s spanning all industries, from high-quality leather goods to aerospace, from apparel to medical technology, from agriculture and food to industrial automation. If your business has to do with manufacturing, you will be able to rely on a broad array of flexible SME’s that are part of a highly-developed network able to act as high-quality and low-cost suppliers in countless sectors.

The ‘Start Up Act’ issued by the Italian government in 2012 has created a positive environment for the innovative entrepreneurs and investors in Italy. Above all:

  • a tax relief dedicated to companies, business angels and VC’s that invest in Italian innovative start-ups.
  • the opportunity to raise capital in exchange for shares through dedicated online portals, in solid legal framework (equity crowdfunding).
  • a flexible labour law with 6-to-36-month temporary contracts applicable for the whole start-up’s life cycle (in the first 4 years). Moreover, start-ups have the chance to introduce performance-related pay and compensate workers and external consultants with stock options and work-for-equity respectively, with a privileged tax treatment for stock options.
  • a tax credit for hiring highly-qualified personnel with open-ended contracts.


We are specialized in advising start-ups and innovative businesses. We are also able to help you to obtain fast-track visas in accordance with the law passed to attract foreign entrepreneurs.

We assist you with the creation and development of your innovative start-up in Italy. Our services enable you to meet the demands of Italian bureaucracy. You will discover how easy it is to grow a start-up in Italy with limited investment.