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Take advantage from our multidisciplinary approach.

The frequent changes in accounting, tax, labour & employment laws make it necessary to achieving a strong cooperation among  consultants on labor and employment matters, accountants and lawyers. This is what we do. We provide companies with a full range of assistance in labour relations: our services are thought in order to relieve clients from complicated payroll matters and risky employees management.


These services mainly consist of:

  • Drafting of the budget for hiring of new personnel.
  • Assistance on any kind of employment contracts, including particular agreements between employer and employee. For instance: non-competition undertaking, letter for the allocation of a company car, letter of concern, etc.
  • Support and assistance in hiring and termination of employment, also handling administrative procedures related to the hiring of new personnel and required by the INAIL (workmen‘s compensation) and INPS (social security) institutes, as well as by the Labour Office.
  • preparation of employee and collaborator pay slips and related obligations: filling in the F24 form for IRPEF (tax), INPS (social security) and INAIL (workmen’s compensation) payments.
  • preparation of annual consolidated returns for salaried employees and for collaborators (so called Certificazione Unica).
  • Assistance during inspections, trade union bargaining, management of conflicts with employees, assistance with obligatory attempts of reconciliation and settlement at Labour Office.
  • advise and support for preparing documents for creating Security and Safety workplaces, including compliance with ‘Testo Unico sulla Sicurezza’ law, that require employees to report all accidents, injuries, potential safety hazards, safety suggestions and health and safety related issues to management.


Try our payroll services specifically designed for foreign employees.

When providing our labour and employment consultancy services, we keep in mind that International and multinational companies operating in Italy need to minimize their labour costs and social security contributions. We help our clients to make their decisions on an accurate budget basis. We can also assist our International clients thanks to ‘custom made’ services:

  • Consulting and assistance in obtaining Italian visas
  • handling of the bureaucracy procedures on work permit applications.
  • Expatriate tax management.
  • Handling of recruitment procedures.